mercredi, novembre 29, 2006

Monsoon Puja. Kolkata.

An image of a Puja on Babu ghats in Kolkata, along the banks of the Hooghly, a tributary of the Ganges.
It was the monsoon season, but the warm climate doesn’t prevent people from living their usual lives.
It was raining as I had never seen before.
The best time to visit any river in India is in the morning, and this is the busiest ghat at this time.
A flurry of typically Indian activities begins at the crack of dawn as the mist rises and the sun falters
over overnight clouds, to announce yet another day. Bathing. Worship. Commerce. Ceremonies of birth
and death. Then, all of a sudden, the rain falls and falls and keeps on falling heavily.

An exhibition I had in England last fall

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